Polished Black Aluminium on Veneered Mahogany
These stunning super quality plaques are made by etching your photo and text into polished black aluminium mounted on a veneered mahogany base. Cats, Dogs, Horses, whatever, these unique plaques will be cherished for years, each comes with a stand and wall mount.
Choice of styles - include a 3 generation pedigree or a list of their big wins, and always with your favourite photograph!
Choice of sizes and prices

Standard 175mm x 125mm £24.99
Medium 200mm x 150mm £28.99
Large 300mm x 240 mm £49.99

all including artwork, postage & packing.
Celebrate your champion animals with these fantastic etched aluminium on mahogany plaques. They include a photograph and either the pedigree or a list of major wins.
 We also produce unique commemorative plaques designed exclusively for you or your club, and can incorporate logos, photographs, maps, or a circuit graphic.